CS 317 - Algorithms - Fall 2019

Course Syllabus Grades

Articles, Handouts, and Important Links:

www.jgrasp.org Java API www.python.org CPlusPlus.com
Wiki - List_of_algorithms "Most important Algorithms" SIAM: Top 10 Algorithms CodeCodex
Least Squares Polynomial General Least Squares Analytic Algorithm Analysis Big O
Primes and Probability Substring Search Analytic Algorithm Analysis Big O
Linear Solver Prime Number Algorithms Gauss Elimination Gauss Elimination Examples


Date: Read: Turn In:
Aug. 28-30 (W/F) Syllabus; Chapter 1
Sep. 4-6 (W/F) Chapters 2, 3; Appendix A; Lease Square Polynomial Handout
Sep. 9-13 (M/W/F) General Least Squares; Algorithm Analysis; Big O
Sep. 16-20 (M/W/F) Wed. 9/18: Lab 1
Sep. 23-27 (M/W/F)
Sep. 30-Oct. 4 (M/W/F)
Oct. 7-11 (M/W/F) Fri. 10/11: Lab 2
Oct. 16-18 (W/F) Text: Chapter 32
Oct. 21-25 (M/W/F)
Oct. 28-Nov. 1 (M/W/F) Wed. 10/30: Lab 3
Nov. 4-8 (M/W/F) Wed. 11/6: Lab 4
Nov. 11-15 (M/W/F) Primes and Probability; Substring Search (above)
Nov. 18-22 (M/W/F)
Nov. 25-26 (M)
Dec. 2-3 (M)


Tools and Programs:

SubstringSearch.java Linear Solver Numerical Integration Egs. Least Squares Template
BigO.nb PageRank.nb FFT.nb SchonhageStrassen.nb
BigDecimalNewton.java BigDecimalNewtonO3.java DivisibilityMultipliers.java
MyThread.java MyThread1.java Thread1Test.java
ThreadWithResults.java ThreadWithResultsTester.java
PrimeThread.java PrimeThreadTest.java PrimeThreadTest2.java
Perfect.py PerfectThread.py

Text Data Files: